Positively Impacting Pain Treatment With NST

The mission of the Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS) is to develop professionals who are prepared to implement advanced therapeutic techniques and positively impact the quality of care delivered by massage therapists. By creating competency in research methods, patient interaction and professional standards, CNS is advancing the practice of soft tissue therapy as a vital component of healthcare.

History & Mission

CNS responds to a void in the education of manual therapists that leaves practitioners unprepared to treat the underlying causes of chronic soft tissue pain. The Center is built upon strong foundations of expert therapists and experienced instructors. Learn About the CNS Mission

Awards & Recognition

The faculty and staff at CNS combine the expertise they’ve developed in their practice with a passion for research and education to share their success with the health care industry. CNS Faculty and staff have received much recognition for their contributions to the field of pain treatment. See CNS Accolades

Staff & Faculty

Instructors can make or break your educational experience. At CNS, instructors maintain a thriving practice, stay up-to-date on the latest technology and trends, and have years of experience training other professional therapists in NST. Meet the Faculty & Staff

The Buzz on NST

'I've never had a massage like that!’ is the most common statement from NST patients after their first treatment. Hear what they, their physicians, and students of NST have to say about this restorative form of pain treatment. Read Further Comments

CNS Clinic

The student clinic offers the public a chance to experience NST at discounted rates while students practice their skills under the guidance of expert therapists. Simply complete the form on this page and an appointment specialist will contact you. Learn About the Student Clinic


Next Steps:

Hear what patients, practitioners, and physicians alike have to say about NST.