Manual Pain Treatment and the Health Care Industry

Every year, more money is being spent on complementary health care in the United States. Even the insurance industry is trending towards more coverage for these treatment modalities. These facts illustrate the movement of complementary medicine such as Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) into the main stream. Physicians are expressing a growing dissatisfaction with the current rehabilitation models available in the medical community. Corporatization of fields such as physical therapy limit the options that therapists have for treating their patients effectively. All of these facts point to the growing need for new alternative in the treatment of pain and dysfunction. Get the facts about what you can expect in the manual therapy industry.

2012 Occupational Employment Estimates

Because NST is in its infancy, growth in the industry must be calculated from similar complementary health care fields. The following data is from the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

2010 Median Pay
Job Growth
Massage Therapist
$35,970 per year
Athletic Trainers
Physical Therapist

Get In On The Ground Floor

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