CNS Student Research

The Center for Neurosomatic Studies believes that to understand the value of Neurosomatic Therapy in healthcare it is necessary to produce quality research. As part of this research CNS students write a clinical case report in their second and again in their third term. These case reports are supervised by a member of our staff and written to the standards set forth by the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF). Each year three of these case reports are submitted to the MTF Student Case Report Contest. Below are the titles of each of these case reports. Click on the title to obtain an abstract of the paper.  

Submitted to MTF case report contest

** MTF Gold Prize Award Winner


Spring 2017

The Effects of Massage Therapy on Reducing Pain, Improving Sleep Quality, and Increasing Breathing Function on a Sciatica Patient: A Case Study

Melinda Lugo*

Fall 2016

Massage and Atlanto-Occipital Mobilization to Improve Symptoms in a Boy with Autism

Dan Vidal*

Neurosomatic Massage therapy Provides Relief for Chronic Stroke Symptoms: A Case Study

Kim Jackman

Neurosomatic Therapy for Low Back Pain on a patient with Scoliosis: A Case Report

Richard Storey


The Use Of Neurosomatic Therapy on a Chronic Low Back Pain Sufferer

Kerry Brown


The Effects of Massage Post Open-heart Surgery: A Case Report 

Jesse Smith-Shearer


Spring 2016

The Use of massage to Improve the performance of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete by Increasing Range of Motion and Decreasing Pain: A Case Report

Alta Schwab**

The Use of Manual Therapy on a Competitive Long Distance Runner that Suffers form Chronic Knee and Hip Pain: A Case Study

Alexie Melchior*

The Effects of Massage on a Canine with Hip Dysplasia: A Case Report

Chandler Lorch

Can Massage therapy Help Relieve Back Pain After Surgery: A Case Report

Jibin John

The Effect of Depression and Anxiety on Therapeutic Massage Treatment for Low Back Pain

Dan Vidal

Neuromuscular Therapy, Postural and Breathing Exercises and Inversion Therapy for Treatment and Management of Low Back Pain Associated with a Grade 3 Spondylolisthesis

Anthony Voskuhl Jr.

Soft Tissue Manipulation as a Means to Provide Pain relief to a Patient Suffering from Whiplash Associated Disorder

Brendan Walsh


Fall 2015

Manual Therapy and Post Surgical Chronic Knee Pain

Megan Moore*

Manual Therapy for Alleviating Back Pain in a Super Heavy Weight Masters Division Olympic Weightlifter with a Sedentary Desk Job

Anthony Voskuhl Jr.

The Effects of Manual Therapy on Pain in a 33 year old male 25 Years Post Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Treatment: A Case Study

Alexie Melchoir

Therapeutic massage on Various Symptoms of a Patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease: A Case Report

Aaron Calverly

The Effects of Massage on a Post-Concussive Patient Five Years Following Injury : A Case Study

Alta Schwab

Manual Therapy and Whiplash Associated Disorder: A Case Report

Chandlar Lorch


Spring 2015

Therapeutic Massage on Various Symptoms of A Polio Survivor: A Case Report

Aaron Calverley*

Manual Therapy Techniques Improve Cervical Range Of Motion In the Case of a Grade 4 WAD

Megan Moore

A Drummer's Pain Helped by Massage

Jibin John


Fall 2014

Therapeutic Massage on Symptoms following consumption of Statin Medication, Rosuvastatin (Crestor): A Case Report

Taylor Sun*

Addressing Degenerative Joint Disease of the Right Knee through Integrative Therapeutic Massage while Treatment Planning Efficiently with a Deaf Patient; A Case Study

Frank Mazzella*

Stress with Fibromyalgia

Alex Dekhtyar


Spring 2014

The Role of Massage Therapy in Addressing Psychosomatic Dysfunction Linked to Anxiety Attacks, Headaches, Back Pain and Acid Reflux: A Case Study

Eddy Lugo*

Investigating Neuromuscular Therapy: Management, Treatment and Alleviation of Moderate to Severe Chronic Pain and Reduced Function in a 69-year-old male

Taylor Sun*

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Massage Therapy: A Case Report

Wesley Bond

Therapeutic Massage used to Address Orofacial Pain with Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Chronic Paranasal Sinus Pressure: A Case Report

Frank Mazzella

Sphenoid Mobilization and Insomnia

Alex Dekhtyar

Case Report of Therapeutic Massage Treatments to Diminish Chronic Pain Complicated with structural abnormalities and Cervical Anterior Compression and Fusion

David Wakeen


Fall 2013

The Effects of Massage Therapy on Chronic Neck Pain, Cervical Hypolordosis, and TSH Levels on a Woman with Hypothyroidism: A Case Study

Shila Tirabassi*

Massage Therapy, Neck Pain, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report

Ian Brooks*

Visceral Massage: Addressing Abdominal Pain, Nausea and Bowel Movement

Eddy Lugo*

Migraine, can massage effectively manage symptoms? A Case Study

Ken Abrahamson

The Application of Massage Therapy in Lessening Symptoms of Chronic Migraine Headaches

David Wakeen

Migraine Headaches, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, and Massage Therapy: A Case Report

Wesley Bond


Spring 2013

The Effects of Massage after Failed Lumbar Disc Surgery

Ken Abrahamson*

The Effects of Massage and Postural Correction on Trismus: A Case Report

Ian Brooks*


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