All the Support You Need to be Successful

The Center of Neurosomatic Studies strives to provide support services to students that help them succeed with classes, practice, and building a career. See below for services offered to CNS students.

Student Advisement

Upon registration, all students have the opportunity to meet with the Admissions Director or the Director of Education to discuss program content, job opportunities, and the responsibilities of an Neurosomatic Therapist. Members of the staff are available to assist and advise students upon student request. Students requesting additional advisement and/or personal advisement should contact the Director of Education.

Resource Center

CNS maintains a selection of textbooks, videos and other materials to support the program curriculum. Internet access is available for those wishing to access materials available on-line.

Career Assistance

The CNS program is designed to give you the skills and experience you need to build a successful practice in NST. Advisors will help graduates identify opportunities in the job market. Learn More

Continuing Education

Keeping current with latest trends is important to maintaining your skills as a manual therapist. Neurosomatic Educators offers CNS alumni courses to refresh their knowledge. Explore Continuing Ed

Alumni Services

Maintain the relationships built among classmates and stay in touch with the founders and innovators in Neurosomatic Therapy.
See Alumni Services

Apply Today

Contact CNS with any additional questions you have about the program. To take advantage of the opportunity to be certified in Neurosomatic Therapy by the founders of the discipline, apply today.