CNS Student Clinic

Our school is very unique. It takes more time, costs more money and is significantly more rigorous than the average massage or personal training school. So, you may ask, why do our students choose CNS? It is because they are looking to become the vey best in their field. This push for excellence will be evident on your first visit to our student clinic. Our students are trained to work with their patients to find the source of the problem and then work together to find ways to prevent it from coming back.

On your first 1 hour visit you can expect your student therapist to take the time to thoroughly understand your condition, take a full postural evaluation, develop a treatment plan, and help you understand the path to getting you back to where you want to be. This will be followed by specific hands-on treatment tailored to get you relief as efficiently as possible. Then you will leave with tasks you can do to enhance the treatment you are receiving at the clinic.

All of this will be done under the watchful eye of one of our highly trained and experienced instructors for only $30. Good luck trying to find that level of care for that price anywhere else. Give us a call to set up your appointment 727-347-4325.

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Our Affiliations

We only affiliate with top notch organizations in both Personal Training and Massage. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.