Depression and Fatigue

Depression and Fatigue

Investigating Neuromuscular Therapy: Management, Treatment and Alleviation of Moderate to Severe Chronic Pain and Reduced Function in a 69-year-old male.

Taylor Sun



To study and record the efficacy of Neurosomatic Therapy (NST) interventions in management and alleviation of chronic and systemic pain states.


A 69-year old retired male diagnosed with congenital microtia, lumbago, bilateral hip dysplasia, chronic osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism reported chronic pain and a heightened reduction in functional capacity of consistent severity. Treatment intervention consisted of 2 treatments weekly over a 4-week period. Each session was an hour of treatment preceded by 30 minutes of quantitative data collection and qualitative data collection.


Chronic pain, functional capacity, levels of depression and levels of fatigue were all significantly reduced after the first and second treatment and remained lowered throughout the period of intervention.


NMT intervention in treating of pain, functional capacity, depression and fatigue symptoms in patients exhibiting chronic complex conditions seem to be effective in short term interventions. Further research and quantitative data in regards to how NMT and/or Clinical Massage Therapy (CMT) may effect perceived pain particularly in regards to elimination of pain in the long term after NMT and/or CMT intervention has been applied.


Massage Therapy; Pain Management; Chronic Pain; Musculoskeletal and Neural Physiological Concepts; Postural Balance

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