Should You Enroll?

Would You Make a Great Neurosomatic Therapist?

Physicians, patients, and therapists agree that while they’ve seen many methods of pain treatment, nothing comes close to the results of Neurosomatic Therapy. The satisfaction that comes from bringing true pain relief, the ability to build a great practice, and a fulfilling career makes Neurosomatic Therapy an excellent career choice. But, not everyone has the characteristics to become a great Neurosomatic Therapist. The list below describes the type of person who would excel at NST. Do you have what it takes?

Characteristics of Successful Neurosomatic Therapists

  • Enjoys Learning Science
  • Analytical & Clinical Nature
  • Has an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Interested in Human Anatomy
  • Successful in Advanced Education
  • Aspires to Help Patients Eliminate Pain
  • Comfortable with Close Physical Contact
  • Excels in Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Has the Ability and Support System to Commit to Full Program
  • Interested in Physical Therapy, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, or similar Manual Therapies
  • Available to Complete Work Outside of Class, Evenings, and Weekends
  • Looking for New Career Path with Higher Earning Potential and More Satisfying Results

Benefits of NST Career

Does this sound like you? You want to make a difference in people’s lives without stressing yourself out in the process. You want to work in a high growth industry. You want to feel respected, appreciated, and productive. Then a career in Neurosomatic Therapy may be for you. Learn more about theBenefits of a NST Career, or complete the form to download a full color brochure about CNS and your next career.

Do you guys know what you’ve given me? I am so busy! In the last year I have done more solid good for people in my community than I did in the previous 5 years I spent as an active EMT. I’m serious. Shocked and regularly awed and dead serious. So, thank you! I owe my thanks to Randy, Paul, Kevin, and Ramona and your folks and everyone there. I really REALLY love my job. 🙂 Thank you!

Mimi F. - Salt Lake City, UT

The teachers and assistants were excellent. As a long time student of many subjects revolving around anatomy, I was in awe of the incredible depth of their knowledge. Each complemented the other’s strengths extremely well, making for an impressive team of caring and intelligent educators.

Scott P. - Los Angeles, CA

Extended classes are the way to go. It makes it cohesive, so one can see how the parts fit together. I thought the course was fantastic—I simply loved it. I love learning, but this course went far beyond that. I found it truly inspiring to see what is possible.

Vreni G. - Vancouver, BC

Our Affiliations

We only affiliate with top notch organizations in both Personal Training and Massage. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.