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With more than 30 years experience and research in Radiological Technology, Massage Therapy, and pain mechanisms, Paul St. John has become a thought-leader in pain treatment.

In 2005 Paul launched his latest innovation in manual medicine, Neurosomatic Therapy (NST), a structurally integrative approach to pain relief. ThroughNeurosomatic Educators the teaching outlet for NST, Paul lectures internationally on the benefits of these innovative techniques. Presently, Mr. St. John maintains a thriving practice at the St. John – Clark Pain Treatment Center in Clearwater, FL where he continues to pursue his passion of helping those in pain.

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Randall Clark

Randall Clark has a background in Biology, Biochemistry, and Massage Therapy. As a pre-med student, Randall realized the limitations to traditional pain treatment and began searching for alternatives that fulfilled his desire to heal through a whole body approach. During the years spent studying and practicing NST, Randy became recognized as a leader in therapy and began teaching the subject in seminars.

In July of 2004, Randall Clark founded the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center where he and Paul St. John currently serve the needs of an international clientele.

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Nancy Clark R.N., B.S.

Director of Education

Nancy Clark has worked in health care and health care education since 1972, obtaining her A.S in Nursing from St Petersburg College in 1982 and her B.S in Health Care Management from National Louis University in 1990. Her years of experience as a health care provider include direct patient care, hospice nurse case management and home health agency director. She continues to be licensed as a Registered Nurse and Certified as a CPR and First Aid Instructor Trainer.

She has served as Education Director for five post-secondary schools offering health career tracks. She has managed the startup of one new and two extension campuses, and has overseen programs with over 1000 student enrollments and over 30 instructors, with budgets ranging from $100,000 to over $1,000,000.

Nancy Clark has often been called upon to mentor other Directors of Education from sister campuses, and has presented at local and regional conferences.

For the past two years, she has been involved in the management of Neurosomatic Educators, supporting a team of instructors who teach seminars for bodywork professionals nationwide.

E.C. Sparky Clark B.A., CFRE, APR

Director of Financial Aid

Sparky Clark has enjoyed a career spanning over 30 years of managing health care and social service organizations. With the backdrop of community activities, both professional and youth serving, he helped lead many important community organizations to grow both financially and programmatically. Along the way he raised over $30 million toward those programs and became a leader in related professional organizations.

At the same time he was quick to get involved wherever his children showed interest, including numerous coaching opportunities. Presenting at regional and national conferences capped decades of community presentations representing the programs he promoted. If you were to ask him to summarize his long career, he would likely answer, “Growth.” Every responsibility he undertook was stronger when he left than when he arrived.

In recent years he moved to a consulting role, helping several local companies and organizations with a variety of projects. Currently he is taking on a challenging area for his son’s company, St. John Clark Pain Treatment Center. According to him, “There is nothing more rewarding than watching your children succeed in their chosen endeavors.”

Learn From The Founders of NST

The Center for Neurosomatic Studies offers a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to learn from the founders of NST and experienced instructors who have been practicing and teaching the method for years. See how the program compares to other manual therapy programs. Then Complete the Application to be considered for this highly competitive program.

The results exceeded my greatest expectation. Since my first visit, I have had no hand or forearm pain and disability. No m ore braces. After the 5th consecutive visit, I have pain free range of motion, both arms and shoulders, full nights of painless, uninterrupted sleep and I’m black to my former level of activity which is strenuous for a 61 year old woman. I spent my entire professional life in the medical field and my husband, who is a surgeon, attended every therapy session, and can’t believe the results. Thank you for the relief and coordination of scheduling so I could accomplish so much in five days.

Carlye C.

When I first came here, I was in great pain in my lower and mid back. I was also very inflexible. I am now pain-free and can play sports again. The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center is a National Treasure! Thank You!

Jan F.

Nothing helped; the medical doctors put me on medication for migraine headaches, which did not work so put me on stronger medication. The medication just made me sleep all the time. I was unable to work until I received treatment at St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. My life has changed significantly. I am able to work full time and I now enjoy life. I would like to thank the entire staff at St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center.

Sharon W.

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