Accommodations for Disabilities

Accomodations for Students with Diabilities

The campus is equipped with a handicapped parking space, which has a ramp for access to the school. Restrooms are handicap equipped. We make our program available in a non-arbitrary, beneficial manner to the extent that practicality and resources allow. Disabilities are identified using our Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire and in the personal interview with the President and/or Campus Director. Disability documents are required (less than 3 years old). Once all admission requirements are met, a written plan will be developed between student and Campus Director to assure reasonable accommodation. Healthcare records are secured with the educational record.

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Contact CNS with any additional questions you have about the program. To take advantage of the opportunity to be certified in Neurosomatic Therapy by the founders of the discipline, Apply Today.

Do you guys know what you’ve given me? I am so busy! In the last year I have done more solid good for people in my community than I did in the previous 5 years I spent as an active EMT. I’m serious. Shocked and regularly awed and dead serious. So, thank you! I owe my thanks to Randy, Paul, Kevin, and Ramona and your folks and everyone there. I really REALLY love my job. 🙂 Thank you!

Mimi F. - Salt Lake City, UT

The teachers and assistants were excellent. As a long time student of many subjects revolving around anatomy, I was in awe of the incredible depth of their knowledge. Each complemented the other’s strengths extremely well, making for an impressive team of caring and intelligent educators.

Scott P. - Los Angeles, CA

Extended classes are the way to go. It makes it cohesive, so one can see how the parts fit together. I thought the course was fantastic—I simply loved it. I love learning, but this course went far beyond that. I found it truly inspiring to see what is possible.

Vreni G. - Vancouver, BC

Our Affiliations

We only affiliate with top notch organizations in both Personal Training and Massage. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.