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We’re developing Neurosomatic Specialists who are prepared to implement advanced therapeutic techniques and positively impact the quality of care delivered to those in pain, with injuries, and in recovery.

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What's Happening At CNS?

We’re honored to have been featured in Voyage Tampa magazine. Thank you for highlighting the important work our students and staff are doing to expand #neurosomatictherapy ...

It is Case Study time again. Get in quick if you want to be a participant. 10 treatments over 5 weeks all complimentary. ...

We don’t waste any time. Our students get hands on experience from the start. New semester, just a few days in, we’re all in 💯#neurosomatictherapy #neurosomatictherapist #massagetherapy #massageschoollife ...

Fact: our students inspire us everyday. Their hard word and dedication never ceases to amaze. #neurosomatictherapy #neurosomatictherapist #manualtherapy #manualtherapist #massagetherapy #massageschoollife ...

We’re so proud of our recent graduates. 👏 Welcome our newest #neurosomatictherapist ...

Healing bodies and plants. Our students care and compassion knows no bounds. Sprucing up our school during downtime. ...

Happy last day of the term to our amazing students, committed to changing lives for people in pain. Let’s give them a 👏for all their hard work. #neurosomatictherapy #massagetherapy #massageschool #manualtherapy ...

Advanced learning programs for 2022 are live!!!! And Neuro 1 starts Feb. 28th. You still have time to register! Visit or email us to register. ...

Starting a new career field is quicker and more rewarding when you’re on a path to becoming a #neurosomatictherapist with CNS. ...

We’re big believers in hands on learning and getting outside the classroom, even if that means you have to take a trip to paradise 😉 #neurosomatictherapy #massagetherapy #massageschool #physicaltherapy #personaltraining ...

#neurosomatictherapy not only helps ease the pain from injury but helps in healing, recovery and prevention of future injury. Ask us how you can get started on a path to becoming a #neurosomatictherapist ...

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