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Spring Classes Begin March 4th - Apply Today!
  (727) 386-5024   

Join Our 5 Week Case Study

Seeking Patients for Student Case Studies

*Treatment executed by trained students under professional supervision.

Research patient guidelines:

  • Previously diagnosed by a medical professional (preferable)
  • Chronic Pain, Neurological Disorder or Other Dysfunction

Please fill out the intake form below, email us at or call 727-386-5024 to apply.

All qualified patients will be seen twice a week for a 1-hour treatment, either Monday+Wednesday or Wednesday+Saturday for 5 weeks starting January 4th, 2023.


If you qualify and are chosen as a research patient, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science in the field of structural medicine. As students at CNS, we are committed to helping patients in a clinical setting and advancing our understanding of and the efficacy of our treatments. Our unique approach has the potential to positively impact a large variety of medically diagnosed conditions and our primary intention in our case study is to support you in your health goals toward greater well-being.

All treatment sessions are completely free, as are necessary diagnostic resources, such as X-Rays. We are interested in working with your primary care providers and to support your health care.

We are unable to and will not diagnose medical conditions or provide recommendations regarding the treatment of your diagnosed conditions; however, we will implement our treatment protocols with the intention to support the proper functioning of the body.

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