Manual Therapy and Neurosomatic Certification Program Overview

The CNS Neurosomatic Therapy and Massage Program provides an in-depth learning experience by combining classroom education with hands-on course work, supervised Clinical Practice, Student Research and community outreach

Upon completion of the 1278 clock hour program, students receive a diploma in Massage Therapy which qualifies them to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEX) examination, a certification in Neurosomatic Therapy and be eligible to sit for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification examination.

The program focuses on the knowledge and skills students need to become successful Neurosomatic Massage Therapists. In addition to advanced massage therapy techniques, students will learn anatomy & physiology, analytical and critical thinking, and business skills. The goal of the program is to develop professionals who are prepared to implement advanced therapeutic techniques and build a strong career in healthcare. CNS program satisfies the hour requirements for most states with licensure programs. Contact Us to find out how CNS will apply to licensure programs in your state

Features of the CNS Program

The program provides comprehensive education which enables graduates to work in a variety of healthcare environments including massage therapy clinics, physical therapy clinics, physician offices, hospitals and fitness facilities.

  • Developed by the Founders of Neurosomatic Therapy
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Certificate in Neurosomatic Therapy
  • Qualify to Sit for MBLEX Exam
  • Ability to Sit for NASM Exam
  • Hands-On Course Work
  • Clinical Lab Experience
  • Professional Shadowing Component
  • Guided Student Research
  • Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques
  • Corrective Exercise Techniques
  • Functional Exercise Techniques
  • Learn From Experienced Instructors
  • Job-Shadowing Component

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Intensive I – Analytic Skills and Massage Technique

The course includes the technique and application of Posturology for the total body assessment and documentation of patients’ postural distortions, and the basic strokes employed in conducting a general relaxation massage as well as the use of lubricants, draping, table set-up, positioning, and hygien

Intensive II – Advanced Anatomy Lab

This hands-on intensive course takes students through a kinesthetic three dimensional modeling of a human body.

Intensive III – Personal Trainer Certification

This intensive course covers the theoretical and practical information required to sit for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification for personal trainers.

Basic Skills

This course teaches the foundations of Massage Therapy which includes basic massage theory and the underlying laws and principals of Neurosomatic Therapy

Anatomy & Physiology I, II, III

Over three terms, this course will teach a thorough understanding of the body’s systems including Nervous System form and function, basic gross soft tissue structures and functions, skeletal features of joints and bony landmarks, organ and glandular systems form and function, cellular form and function, in-depth study of the bony, muscular and neurological structures of the cranium and brainstem

Advanced Technique I, II, III

These hands-on courses provide in-depth study of the axial system and pelvis, atlas and axis, cranium, temporomandibular joint, eyes, shoulder, extremities and viscera with a focus on their musculoskeletal aspects. Discussion of pathological conditions that necessitate treatment of these areas is incorporated with demonstration and practice of specific treatment techniques used to address them. This course includes further study of postural distortions, trigger point patterns and structural asymmetries that can occur in these areas that lead to pain and dysfunction. Additionally, students will be taught a system of evaluating and treating dysfunctional gait patterns. Students will be guided to therapeutic proficiency by thorough instruction in palpation, assessment and treatment skills.

Business I, II, III

This course includes exploration of business structure and practice as it relates to the practice of Neurosomatic Therapy including business plans, marketing, and communication

Allied Modalities I, II, III

Treatment modalities taught in this class include: Pediatric & Infant Care, Pre/Perinatal Massage, Integrating Bach Flower Essences, Understanding Prescription Drugs and Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Eastern Thought and Practice, Stretching, and Nutritional Considerations for Patients, Treatment Approaches for Paralysis, First Aid/CPR, Myofacial Release, and Understanding Medical and Radiology Reports

Research Literacy and Project I, II, III

This course will provide students with the tools needed to search for and understand clinical research papers as well as garner student participation in either a self-guided research project or a project designed by CNS staff.

Student Clinic I, II

Students will participate in a supervised clinical environment where they will be able to apply the theory and technique gained in the classroom. Professional Clinical Observation I, II

A total of 30 hours over the course of the student’s 2nd and 3rd terms will take place outside the student clinic setting where students will observe working therapists assess and treat patients. Post conferences will allow the student the opportunity to discuss their observations with the professional therapist.

Get Certified and Advance Your Manual Therapy Career Today

If you’re looking for an Advanced Manual Therapy education in a scientific field that improves the quality of people’s lives while providing a solid career path, CNS may be right for you. Learn more about the Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy Program at CNS by completing the form and downloading the brochure. Or see how the CNS program Compares to other education programs in Manual Therapy

Do you guys know what you’ve given me? I am so busy! In the last year I have done more solid good for people in my community than I did in the previous 5 years I spent as an active EMT. I’m serious. Shocked and regularly awed and dead serious. So, thank you! I owe my thanks to Randy, Paul, Kevin, and Ramona and your folks and everyone there. I really REALLY love my job. 🙂 Thank you!

Mimi F. - Salt Lake City, UT

The teachers and assistants were excellent. As a long time student of many subjects revolving around anatomy, I was in awe of the incredible depth of their knowledge. Each complemented the other’s strengths extremely well, making for an impressive team of caring and intelligent educators.

Scott P. - Los Angeles, CA

Extended classes are the way to go. It makes it cohesive, so one can see how the parts fit together. I thought the course was fantastic—I simply loved it. I love learning, but this course went far beyond that. I found it truly inspiring to see what is possible.

Vreni G. - Vancouver, BC

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