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Take your manual therapy career to the next level with advanced manual therapy training. By studying Neurosomatic Therapy, you’ll learn how to identify, correct and maintain proper alignment in your clients to effectively relieve their chronic pain.

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What Patients Say About NSt

The results exceeded my greatest expectation. Since my first visit, I have had no hand or forearm pain and disability. No more braces. After the 5th consecutive visit, I have pain free range of motion, both arms and shoulders, full nights of painless, uninterrupted sleep and I’m black to my former level of activity which is strenuous for a 61 year old woman. I spent my entire professional life in the medical field and my husband, who is a surgeon, attended every therapy session, and can’t believe the results. Thank you for the relief and coordination of scheduling so I could accomplish so much in five days. – Carlye C.

When I first came here, I was in great pain in my lower and mid back. I was also very inflexible. I am now pain-free and can play sports again. The St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center is a National Treasure! Thank You! – Jan F.

Nothing helped; the medical doctors put me on medication for migraine headaches, which did not work so put me on stronger medication. The medication just made me sleep all the time. I was unable to work until I received treatment at St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. My life has changed significantly. I am able to work full time and I now enjoy life. I would like to thank the entire staff at St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. – Sharon W.

What Physician’s Are Saying

As a Pain Medicine Physician, it is my job to provide the most extensive treatment options available for patients experiencing chronic pain. When I myself began having issues with back pain, and none of the regular treatments I use with my own patients seemed to provide relief, I discovered Neurosomatic Therapy. The dramatic results I experienced encouraged me to further research and ultimately decide to begin regularly referring patients for Neurosomatic Therapy. Incorporating this new modality has allowed me to achieve new levels of recovery for patients where I could previously only manage their symptoms.

– Willem Nel, MD
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Fellowship in Pain Medicine

I am trained as a chiropractor but most of my work is now in functional medicine. Neurosomatic Therapy Integrates very nicely with what I do in both of these fields. NST combines a deep knowledge of muscle dynamics with a thorough analysis about what is going on with the body in a way that is being missed by many other disciplines. The therapy is implemented very uniquely and it is done with the idea of integrating the functional aspect of the muscles with the structure. Understanding that marriage between structure and function is why the area not only gets fixed but also truly stabilized. I love referring patients for Neurosomatic Therapy because they get great results.

– Dr. George Springer D. C.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

Recently I saw the most amazing body therapist I have met, Paul St. John, an Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist. He took proper X-Rays, very different from those taken earlier. These showed not only a 5 mm short left leg but an 8 mm short left pelvis! He told me that a heel lift actually aggravates the problem as it rotates the leg and pelvis. What you need is a full shoe insert!! If the discrepancy is as great as one-half inch, you will need the shoe built up on the sole. With that lift in my left shoe, my two shoulders are even when I stand–for the first time in at least 38 years! He then provided me with a pelvic lift to use when I am sitting and my shoulders are level when I sit. I feel that my left sacroiliac is back to normal. At some point I will tell more about my visit with Paul St. John. Meanwhile, if you have any type of spinal or sacral discomfort and nothing has helped, I consider it well worth the trip to Clearwater, Florida to see Paul!

– Dr. Norman Shealy, MD, PHD
Board Certified in Neurological Surgery
Founder and First President of the American Holistic Medical Association

As a neuromuscular dentist, it was easy for me to recognize the potential benefits of working with THE “premier” team of Neurosomatic therapists. I started referring some of my most challenging patient cases who weren’t responding to therapies that otherwise should have worked. After just a few sessions of INT with the outstanding therapists at the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center, my patients were reporting back to me verifiable significant improvements. In particular the relationship between TMJ and other structural imbalances such as an anatomically short leg. The relationship between form and function and its importance cannot be over-stated! My last three patients that were to sent for therapy all came back to me reporting complete abatement of their symptoms.

– Ray Behm, DDS
Neuromuscular Dentist
Holistic/Biologial Dentist

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