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Student Case Study: Low Back Pain (No Relief)

The Use Of Neurosomatic Therapy on a Chronic Low Back Pain Sufferer

Kerry Brown


Background: Low back pain is the most prevalent source of pain in America with almost 80% of the population experiencing at least once in their lifetime. 90% of these sufferers won’t find out what the root cause is (Idiopathic). Of that 90%, only 7% turns into chronic low back pain (intractable)

Participant: A 38 year old Caucasian female presenting with low back pain (LBP), sacroiliac joint pain.

Diagnosis: idiopathic intractable low back and SI joint pain.

Purpose: to find out whether Neurosomatic therapy is an effective means of treatment for a idiopathic intractable LBP sufferer.

Intervention: the practitioner a 29-year-old male in his third semester of an 18 month program at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS). Treatments were performed biweekly, specifically targeting affected muscles with deep tissue massage for five weeks. The results were tracked using the Bournemouth pain scale and Quadruple Visual Analogue scale and the posture was tracked with a posturology chart.

Results: The results from this study were inconclusive, for no techniques proved to provide any lasting relief for the patients LBP.

Discussion: The participants pain failed to decrease

Keywords: Low back pain(LBP), Sacroiliac Joint (SI), idiopathic, intractable

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