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Student Case Study: Statin Medication

Statin Medication

Therapeutic Massage on Symptoms following consumption of Statin Medication, Rosuvastatin (Crestor): A Case Report

Taylor Sun

Background: Statin class medications have become one the most commonly used and prescribed drugs in the US. Some individuals taking statin drugs have a predisposing risk factor which can lead to a variety of adverse reactions. The most common adverse reactions associated with statin use are various myopathies.

Purpose: To aid one patient presenting with chronic pain and other unexplained symptoms after administration of statin class medication, Rosuvastatin (Crestor), consumption.

Participant: The subject is a 51-year old male previously diagnosed with hypothyroidism, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and identified as statin intolerant. Now reporting constant tension headaches; pain in the upper thoracic, cervical and shoulder region; numbness and tingling in the upper extremity bilaterally; and a decrease of physical endurance in running and resistance circuit training over the past 9 months, this client disclosed having no previous bouts with chronic physical symptoms.

Intervention:Sessions lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration, consisted of 2 treatments per week over a 5 week period applied by a massage student. Perceived pain and change scales were completed by the patient followed by a postural evaluation performed by the therapist prior to massage techniques. Cross fiber friction, pin and stretch, and longitudinal gliding strokes were applied to specific musculature considered to be significant in symptom expression and observed postural asymmetries.

Results:Numerical rating scale results; raw change score; 22 and percentage change score; 75%. Global impression of change results; 6. Physical symptoms ceased and/or decreased significantly, emotional and behavior components showed improvement as well. Unexpected, unpredicted and unintentional; benefits to vision were reported.

Conclusions:Therapeutic massage therapy intervention showed to be clinically significant in it’s ability to palliate pain thought to be triggered by statin consumption a statin intolerant individual.

Keywords:Statin Intolerance; Massage; Hypothyroidism; Pain; Headaches; Adverse Reactions; Statin; Rosuvastatin; Crestor; Cognitive Effects

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