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Student Case Study: Autism and AO Mobilization

Background: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition defined by developmental delays or impairments in communication skills and social interaction. Reduced cerebellar function and elevated markers of oxidative stress resulting from ischemic conditions have been found in children with…

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Student Case Study: Hypothyroidism

The Effects of Massage Therapy on Chronic Neck Pain, Cervical Hypolordosis, and TSH Levels on a Woman with Hypothyroidism: A Case Study ABSTRACT Background and Participant: A woman with chronic neck pain and hypothyroidism seeks massage therapy after not finding…

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Student Case Study: Knee DJD

Addressing Degenerative Joint Disease of the Right Knee through Integrative Therapeutic Massage while Treatment Planning Efficiently with a Deaf Patient; A Case Study Frank Mazzella Background – Knee pain can result from injuries to the knee or hip. The knee…

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Student Case Study: Post-Concussive Syndrome

Background: Concussion is not as benign as previously thought. A multidisciplinary team including neuropsychological testing and treatment, pharmacological intervention, counseling, and speech, occupational, physical therapy, and massage is needed to treat persistent symptoms of a concussion. Purpose: To determine if…

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