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Integrative Approaches to Cervical Pain DVD

Integrative Approaches to Cervical Pain DVD – Somatic Video Companion – S2


DVD – Somatic Video Companion – S2


Review of the concepts taught in S2:

The second course in the certification process, Integrative Approaches to Cervical Pain, identifies 9 areas where dysfunction will impact posture as well as body functions. These areas are defined by origin, insertion and function. You will learn specifics in “Why do we treat?”, a section of your manual which details possible pain causing dysfunctions and how they affect other functions of the body.  Trigger points are identified in each area along with associated patient symptoms. We will share with you specific treatment for each area in a step by step – hands on manner. You will be able to implement the most effective treatment methods in your own practice after one weekend with Neurosomatic Educators.

Specific treatment methods are carefully explained and demonstrated to enable you, the therapist, to apply these techniques successfully in your own practice.  Your patients will experience relief from such maladies as headaches, balance problems, TMJ dysfunction, upper back pain, and from traumas such as whiplash. We will share case studies from our own practice spanning several decades along with extensive research in this area.

Specialized stretches and strengthening exercises will be a part of each section of this course.  You will learn to educate your patients in these exercises for prolonged pain free health.

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