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Integrative Approaches to Low Back Pain

Integrative Approaches to Low Back Pain


DVD – Somatic Video Companion – S1


Review of the concepts taught in S1:

This course, the first of four specialized courses on the road to certification, focuses on the low back and pelvis.  Paul St. John and his colleagues have developed this course based upon extensive research and clinical study.  Once you have taken Posturology 101 and have learned to analyze and chart dysfunctional postural patterns, you will begin the steps needed for Somatic certification in Neurosomatic Therapy.

Integrative Approaches to Low Back Pain isolates 15 muscle groups affecting the low back by the origin, insertion and function of each individual muscle.  You will be taught the answers to “Why do we treat?” a section of the manual that details possible pain causing dysfunctions and how they affect other functions of the body.  Trigger points will be identified in each area along with associated patient symptoms.  We will share with you specific treatment for each area in a step by step – hands on manner.  You will be able to implement the most effective treatment methods in your own practice after one weekend.

Throughout the course, each muscle group section will include specific stretches and strengthening exercises for your patients to practice between treatments and subsequently, after treatments conclude.  These are designed to fully benefit the particular area of treatment for a pain free patient.

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