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Posturology 202 DVD

Posturology 202 DVD


DVD-Posturology 202


In looking at the body from a dynamic perspective, you will learn to assess gait, identify some common gait pattern anomalies, and you will be introduced to facilitative movement therapy that will help your patients to improve their functional movement patterns on the path to becoming pain free.

By reviewing the concept of the Lovett reactor, you will understand how craniofacial asymmetry may be the cause of, or the result of, postural imbalances. You will also review the effects on the structure and function of the organs contained with the cranial vault, and how dysfunction of these organs may result.

You will learn the anatomy of the musculature of the eyes, and review the cranial nerves that control the eyes and how they affect posture. You will also learn how to relieve tension patterns in these muscles, seeing the real effects of this primary input into the righting reflex system.

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